The Exercise Coach-Cranberry Township

Offer Valid: 04/24/2020 - 12/31/2028
TWO 20-minute workouts per week is all it takes to build strength with our whole effort exercise program. Lose weight on our whole food nutrition program, too. Give us a call to claim your TWO FREE SESSIONS. 724-638-8585.

We have added MicroShield 360 to our studios. The MicroShield 360 system is a multi-step application process that works to immediately kill then prevent future pathogens from living on treated surfaces.  This is in addition to the cleaning that we provide after EVERY client works out. Keeping our clients safe and healthy is paramount to what we do. 

Our programs are based on Science and Research which proves that Exercise quality matters more than movement quantity. Our programs are designed to trigger total-body conditioning, which enables our clients to very safely and efficiently achieve increased strength and endurance, stronger bones, better blood sugar and maximum fat loss. This can happen in just two 20-minute workouts per week. 

Proprietary technology helps us work with de-conditioned individuals and non-exercisers. Due to the unique nature of our equipment we can work with highly conditioned individuals, as well. 

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