Upping Your Productivity Game to End the Year Strong

Attention all business leaders!  We are quickly coming to the culmination of yet another calendar year.  For many leaders this is a time of planning for next year.  Many use this time to review how their business fared this year and to reflect on how close it came to meeting goals and expectations. 
Let me remind all of you, business owners and leaders, that there is STILL TIME LEFT!  Before you throw in the towel for 2019, there is still time to achieve some of the business goals you initially planned.  Keep your business moving forward and don’t drop your productivity momentum.  Finish the year strong.  Here’s how.
Try these easy steps to keep funnels full and cash flow churning:

  • CHECK IN. Where does your business currently stand? Make a quick review of your business goals and determine what parts of these goals you can still achieve this month.
  • KEEP SELLING. Go after the income streams that sold well and make calls to previous clients as well as those in your funnel.
  • KEEP COMMUNICATING. Keep your marketing message flowing with enthusiasm for the solutions you provide.
  • TAKE STRATEGIC ACTION. Stay focused on those specific goals that you still can meet—or at least come closer to attaining.
  • KEEP PRODUCING THROUGH THE END OF THE YEAR.  Having a strong momentum is easier to carry into the next year. 
  • When you start planning for 2020, use our DIY GET THINGS DONE THAT MATTER productivity guide.  It provides a step-by-step process to set your 2020 annual business vision and establish a monthly path to get there.
    Think about how things went this year.  Did you make the revenue levels you wanted?  Did you roll out the products and services you expected?  Did you make the right hires?  Success with these activities can be attributed to two things—planning and implementation.
    Using this guide, you will divide the annual goals into bite-size pieces that can be accomplished one step at time.  Each quarter you will experience the satisfaction of accomplishing forward momentum toward your year-end goals.  You keep building your business, month by month and quarter by quarter.  Everyone in the company can feel the positive momentum as you achieve impactful results.  Start today and check out our DIY GET THINGS DONE THAT MATTER!
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